Newsletter Oct 2019

Dear WAIG members,

As part of the WAIG committee’s promise herewith an update of the critical aspects and discussion points in which WAIG was involved recently. As chairman I would like to thank all members involved in the various issues and the ongoing support of each member.

Airport Access

A meeting was called by Mr. Ludick (Security Manager) whom has invited a number of Hanger owners/tenants where he proposed a new access control system on 4 October 2019. WAIG was not officially invited and we have objected to this.

The plan presented by Mr. Ludick included various previously unsuccessful measures implemented and proven not to work in the view of WAIG. We believe that some of the attendees may have the impression that WAIG opposes access control. This is not true. WAIG stands for strict controlled access and although the current system is inadequate and flawed, its better than Mr. Ludick’s new proposal as presented.

You are urged to contact any Committee member to discuss the detail. WAIG has responded to Airport management and requested the plan in writing as promised and we are awaiting this.  Hopefully it will be executable and not detrimental to the tenants. We will keep you posted.

We believe that the access and security be well planned, ensure the safety of all tenants and persons at the airport (Legal SACAA requirements as well as safety of personal and property).


This aspect remains a concern and the WAIG task team has made some progress. WAIG has been approached by an expert with experience on Tshwane leases whom you should contact directly to assist you. If you are affected and need assistance, please request the details from our secretary, Jan-Paul Nel by responding to him on this mail. We believe she is the best option at this stage.


This matter is ongoing, and the progress is at a very sensitive stage where a fair and transparent suggestion, based on the national principles applied at bigger airports, has been lodged with Tshwane to ensure consistent, safe, affordable priced fuel. We will keep you posted, and should you require any additional information on this, please contact Jannie Loutzis or Henk Kraaij, whom is heading this up on behalf of WAIG.

Airport Management

It is well known that the current interim management is under the control of Professional Aviation Services. WAIG has proposed and will continue to drive the appointment of new professional Airport management team. This matter will determine the future success of the Airport. WAIG is not in a position, nor interested in running the airport. We do however believe the tenants should be represented (WAIG as well any other role-players whom has an interest in the Airport, whether in an individual or association capacity) in the decision-making process of the new management structure and should be involved on an ongoing long-term basis. This matter is headed up by Thabo Fisha, Hendrik Venter, Henk Kraaij and myself and you are welcome to contact any one of us to discuss and add suggestions.

Should you ever have any queries please do contact us on

Until next time

Christian Maiorana
WAIG Chairman

(Newsletter has been approved by the WAIG committee)

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