Newsletter March 2017

Dear Members,

Since our last newsletter, quite a lot of very exciting things has happened at Wonderboom Airport and we as WAIG are proud to have been the driving force behind many of these developments. Below you will read about some of these developments as well as some of the activities the WAIG committee is busy with. We will also be providing feedback as we progress on these matters.

Firstly I would like to give you some more information on the new structure of WAIG which came into effect on the 18th January 2017. The committee has restructured the Association to make it more efficient and to give its members better representation. The decision for the change has been debated for many months whereby a lot of time and effort went into this transformation and for this I would like to personally give the whole team a big THANK YOU.

However the real change lies in the new “Silo” system that we introduced. The plan was to achieve a more focused result and in order to achieve this we categorized functions into “Silos” according to their type of business. We identified the main functions of the airport and then nominated a representative for each Silo. The intention is for each Silo to operate on its own with the goal to identify issues of common interest in each of the various silos. The plan is then for each silo to meet once a month, at a time and venue on the airport as identified by the respective representative. Whenever you have a problem with which WAIG can assist you, you must communicate it with the representative of your Silo directly. Your representative will then bring the matter before that Silos committee. The silo will then identify possible solutions and those will be brought to the attention of the main committee to action.

Should an emergency issue arise your first point of contact will still be your representative however, failing to get hold of him the chairman can be contacted and he will assist to allocate the problem where best suited. In the case that the emergency is deemed critical the chairman will pursue to put together an emergency meeting where the problem will be addressed as best as possible.

In the meantime the WAIG committee has put a lot of effort to developing a very good relationship with the Airport Management and has recently had a very positive meeting with the new members of the Tshwane City Council, namely the MMC and the SED. Furthermore meetings between WAIG, the Airport Management and the Tshwane City Council are scheduled take place on a regular basis creating an excellent platform to address issues that involve any aspect of the Airport. We would also like to take this opportunity to give our Airport Director Mr. Jabulani Mapumulo a big THANK YOU as he has been a huge driving force in facilitating these interactions allowing us to have direct access to the higher structures of the city of Tshwane.

We hereby invite you and urge you to be actively involved with your Silo so that we can all work together to make Wonderboom National Airport a conducive place of business but more importantly an airport which we are proud to work at.

Business as usual

We would also like to inform you on all the exciting progress that we have made since the previous newsletter:

We are very excited to announce that after months of meetings, letters and discussions on 22 February 2017 the City of Tshwane finally gave our Airport Director, Mr. Jabulani Mapumulo signing powers for all lease agreements. This is a huge leap forward in giving Wonderboom airport the ability to once again do business which will undoubtedly translate into expansion which will stimulate business growth for all. So if anyone has been waiting to get their lease signed or renewed we recommend you make an appointment to go see the Airport Management.

As most of you has probably realised for the month of February we have been conducting a Wonderboom airport SENSUS and would like to thank all of you that participated. We are now in a better position to communicate with you and look forward to assisting you where we can. To achieve this we are in the process of starting a “what’s app” group for any emergency messages. The main purpose is to inform airport tenants of problems affecting the airport as a whole for example; the water or electrical supply to the airport is interrupted, or there is a fuel problem, etc. This is the most cost effective way to communicate problems however please note that this will ONLY be a one way communication and no one is permitted to reply. We will endower to always have a contact number on any message we send out so should you wish to ask questions you can contact the relevant person directly, but please no replies or comments on the group itself.

Late November the main terminal Building installed two backup water tanks that can take 80 000 litres of water and this supplies the main terminal with water should there be an interruption in the water supply. In January this came in very handy when the water supply to the airport was interrupted for 4 days because of a main water line bursting. Everyone on the airport could still come and use the restrooms as they had uninterrupted water supply and the airline could function normally.

Regarding the fuel supply the MMC has confirmed that they support our request of having a fuel company sell fuel directly to the airport customers and support the idea of approving a second fuel supplier. Although we know that this will not happen overnight the committee is confident that good news is on the horizon and this will be great development for the airport as a whole.

Our Website is also up and running and advertising opportunities are available. Contact us on for further info.
We would like to take this time to thank all our WAIG members for their continued support, together we can take Wonderboom Airport from strength to strength.

Should you ever have any queries please do contact us on
C. Maiorana – Chairman

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