Newsletter July 2016

Dear Members,

Since our last newsletter, quite a great deal of very exciting developments have transpired at Wonderboom Airport. We as WAIG are very proud to have been the driving force behind many of these developments. Below you will read about some of these developments as well as some of the activities the WAIG committee are currently working on. We will be providing feedback as we progress on these matters.

From the Chairman (Christian Maiorana)

Firstly, I would like to thank the WAIG members and committee for entrusting me into this position of chairperson for 2016/2017, I regard this a privilege and will do my very best to serve everyone. I assure you that I have Wonderboom airport’s best interest at heart and I will endeavour to assist everyone as efficiently as I possibly can.

In order for me to assist in meeting all your needs and wishes I would need to start with understating what those are therefore, the team has started compiling a general questionnaire that will be available shortly. I urge everybody to take the time to answer the questions, so that in turn we can help you meet all your needs and requirements.

We have asked various role players to give us some feedback as to what has happened in each of their departments.

Legal Side (Bertus van Zyl)

The opening of the K97 off-ramp from the Bakwena Freeway to Wonderboom airport has long been one of the issues that WAIG has been struggling to overcome. For those who are not aware thereof, the landowner and the holder of the mining license refused to allow anyone access on this road and in fact barricaded the road. Shortly before the start of the Air show, it became apparent that negotiations were not going to resolve the issue and WAIG, together with the organisers of the Adrenaline show, AHRLAC and AIRLINK brought an urgent application to the courts to have the road opened.

An interim court order was made that the road must be opened and this not only contributed to the success of the air show but now makes access to the Airport that much easier for all members of WAIG, its clients and the public in general. A counter application by the parties opposing WAIG’s application was struck from the roll due to a lack of urgency. WAIG wishes to thank the Airport management and the City of Tshwane for their co-operation with the application, the removal of the obstructions in the road and the tarring of the road, all before the start of the air show.

As the court order is an interim order, a final determination still has to be made. The WAIG committee is positive that the outcome will be favourable. WAIG members will be kept updated of any further developments.

Adrenaline Show Feedback (Martin Jacobs)

Powered Flight Charters were given the privilege to conduct helicopter flips at the Adrenaline Show.

The first flights started at about 11:00 on Saturday and for an hour or so all of the three helicopters were busy. We were using two Robinson R44 and one Robinson R66 helicopter. Lunch for the 35 ground and aircrew was 20 pizzas and dozens of cold drinks, which went down very well.

Sunday was a bit slow on the flipping side, but the parts of the Adrenalin Show we saw were spectacular. The permits issued to us worked like a charm for both vehicles and crew.

We had a great time and plan to be back next year.

General Adrenaline Show Feedback (Adrenaline Show team):

Overall, we feel that the show was a very big success as the first of its kind. Yes, there were hiccups along the way but it was the first one and it is was a learning curve for everyone involved. We are very excited to have been able to bring back the Air show scene to Wonderboom airport and in the process; we added a wider variety of entertainment to the show by incorporating the cars and bikes. Due to regulations and trying to do combinations never seen before in South Africa many of our really WOW acts were eventually cancelled. We do however believe that now that the various bodies have experienced first-hand some of our ideas and have seen that it is indeed possible to make “adrenaline” safe we are hoping to bring the spectators a bigger adrenaline rush next year.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all WAIG members and the tenants of the airport for your support and your patience in allowing us to host this show and making it a great success both for the organizers and the airport itself.

New developments

We are in the process of developing a WAIG website to assist us in getting info through to our tenants and further facilitate interaction between our members. We would also like to add additional information on the website for everyday users to attain information regarding Wonderboom airport and WAIG. Our survey questionnaire will go out in the near future to ascertain the problems at Wonderboom airport and how WAIG can assist each member in resolving these issues.

Should you have any questions or would just like to give us some feedback please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind Regards,

Christian Maiorana (Chairman)

Contact Details: 082 511 6501 Email:


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