Newsletter July 2018

Dear Members,

Welcome to our latest newsletter. We would like to use this opportunity to give some feedback on the happenings at WAIG.
The past few months have been busy for the WAIG committee. The main objective in the last few months was to re-establish a proper communication channel between the new Airport management, WAIG and the tenants of Wonderboom Airport. Good headway was made in this regard with various meetings between Airport management and members of the WAIG committee. We will continue to build on this relationship to ensure a proper communication channel in future between all stakeholders on the airport.

The permit system has been under the spotlight again and Airport management informed us that the permit pricing has been changed back to the gazetted fees. We would like to thank the team and all the members for the continues mails and efforts in this regards. Without all the efforts we doubt that this could have been achieved.

Security and the security personnel remains a problem and we have allocated people from the WAIG committee to work with Airport management to improve. The security procedures at the boom gates are currently being reviewed by this team and we hope to have the proposed procedure distributed early next week. The purpose will be for us as tenants as well as the security personnel to understand what the rules are so that both parties can comply. We urge our members to treat security personnel with the deserved respect. Should you have any problems with security personnel we request you to mail a detailed report to us as soon as possible.

We would like to take this time to thank all our WAIG members for their continued support, together we can take Wonderboom Airport from strength to strength.

Should you ever have any queries please do contact us on

Christian Maiorana
WAIG Chairman

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