1st Annual Fly-In

Welcome to the registration page of Wonderboom National Airport’s 1st Annual Fly-in day. Please fill in the registration form if you wish to take part in the fly-in. All fields are required. If you need more information please contact us on You will receive a registration confirmation email with your submitted information.


There will be a buffet breakfast available from Villa San Giovanni Restaurant. Please indicate if you’ll be taking advantage of this offer. There will also be Harvard flips / Helicopter flips available – please indicate if you would be interested? Details on the flips will be emailed to you.


When: 29 October 2017

Where: Wonderboom National Airport

Arrival From:  07:00


Terms & Conditions:


  • No Parking, landing, approach & pax fees will be payable
  • Non WB residing aircraft owners only
  • Fly-in on own risk
  • Max 150 liter of discounted fuel per aircraft
  • The discounted fuel price is only valid to first 70 aircraft that register on the WAIG website
  • R10.00 (excl. VAT) per liter AVGAS (CAPACITY REACHED)
  • R5.00 (excl. VAT) per liter Jet A1 (CAPACITY REACHED)


Additional fuel can be purchased at normal rates


  • AVGAS at R15.35 (excl. VAT) per liter
  • JET A1 at R9.21 (excl. VAT) per liter






Wonderboom 2  Wonderboom

Value Added Services:


  • Free Simulator Flights – Blue Chip Flight School
    Bookings essential, please contact Ronell 012 543 3050 / marketing@bluechip
  • Avcomm Headset – Loutzavia Pilot Shop – Avcomm 200 @ R2760.00 and Avcomm 900 @ R4600.00
  • Airlink Embraer Walk-through Between 09:00 and 10:00


One registered fly-in aircraft pilot will win a renewal of licence, compliments of Blue Chip Flight School


Terms & Conditions:


  • Renewal must be on FNPT simulator or Cessna 172,
  • Maximum of 1.5 hours
  • Prize includes SACAA fee and courier of documents to SACAA, excluding DE fee.
  •  Booking subject to availability of aircraft or simulator and weather conditions if booked on Cessna 172
  • Blue Chip Flight School Terms and Conditions apply!


Also Available On Th Day:


  • Helicopter Flips Available at R350 per person
  • Static Aircraft Displays
  • Skydiving Display
  • Static Classic Car Display


Harvard Flips


  • The cost per person per flip is R2900.00 and is an estimated 20 minutes.
  • All passengers will receive an A4 size certificate with his/her name on it as well as the pilot’s signature.


To book, please pay for the flight on the details below. Please send proof of payment to and


Bank Details
Account Name: Harvard Club of South Africa
Bank: ABSA
Account Number: 1005750756
Branch: Lyttleton
Account Type: Cheque


Please use WB – and the name of passenger as the reference when making payment.

A portion of the proceeds of this event will go to Rock of Hope

Registration Form

Please indicate how much fuel (estimated) you'll require.
This is needed for planning purposes.
(Discounted fuel capacity reached)

AVGAS at R15.35 excl. per liter

JET A1 at R9.21 excl. per liter

Breakfast - Pilots (R50 per person) MAX 2:
Breakfast - Passangers (R89 per person):

Harvard Flips
Helicopter Flips at R350 per person
Free Simulator Flights

I have read and understood the Terms & Conditions