About Us
Wonderboom, Airport, Interest, Group, Pretoria, WAIG
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What We Do

About Us

Wonderboom Airport Interested Group (WAIG) is a voluntary non-profit organization. Any person, organization or business involved or interested in General Aviation, but particularly Aviation activities at Wonderboom Airport, may become a member of WAIG.


WAIG’S Constitution was adopted at an Action Committee meeting during November 2014. WAIG now have the necessary status to work towards their mission and objectives. In a nutshell WAIG intends to be a recognized and influential association that will serve to protect the existence of the Wonderboom Airport and the service’s it renders.


WAIG depends on members, active or non-active, to achieve their goals. Please join this Aviation passionate organization. The future of Wonderboom Airport and its progress is important to us.


Objectives: The organisation is to be representative for all tenants and interested parties at Wonderboom Airport. The aim is to protect WAIG members any actions by any party which could be to the detriment of the group.

Our mission is to create an organisation which representative of all interested at Wonderboom Airport.